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We are Country Directors, Program Managers, IT professionals, University Professors and PhD researchers, with decades of experience in the Aid sector, having worked with various NGOs, UN agencies, donor Governments, Universities, and private sector organizations worldwide.​


Our own experiences made us realize the lack of efficient and affordable proposals for adequate collection, management, and field information processing that is key to decision-making. This is a missed opportunity for the entire Aid sector.


From acute and protracted crises like the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa to epidemics in Central Africa and natural disasters in Asia, we have witnessed the need for Aid actors working at the front to transform into "data-intelligent organizations". This will improve decision making and the lives of those they intended to help.


We have built a team that can support Aid actors to improve their day-to-day management of information and decision-making power, to support vulnerable communities around the world.​




Gustavo Fernandez

Founder & CEO

Medical doctor with more than 15 years of experience managing medical humanitarian operations across the world. As part of his work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), he led several digital transformation initiatives to enhance data-driven decision making. He holds a Masters in International Negotiation and Policy Making and an MBA in Digital Transformation and Digital Business.


Adam Coutts

Founder & Director Policy

Sociologist, researcher and academic at the University of Cambridge and Magdalene College, his work focuses on social and political determinants of health and the analysis of how public policies in the non-health sector and social protection policies affect health and well-being.


Xavier Lefebvre

Lead Software Architecture

Developer with more than 15 years working in the humanitarian technology sector in the most difficult places on the planet for different non-governmental actors. Xavier holds Certifications in Data Management, Computer Science and Enterprise Architecture.

ID photo_Claire Barthélémy.png

Claire Barthélémy

Chair Resonance Group

Master in Humanitarian Programme Management at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medecine and Bioforce. Worked for NGOs as Save the Children and MSF.

She directs courses on quality management and teaches humanitarian professionals the politicisation and economisation of aid by governing bodies and ideological neo-colonialism.

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